WE ARE outer-limits!

Go where it is beyond our imagination. Overcoming borders. Dive and go further than anyone else. This is only possible with experience and special technology. outer-limits goes beyond the limits. We bring together specialists and the necessary special equipment, we impart knowledge and experience.

outer-limits presents high-level equipment for tactical divers and emergency forces and provides the right training. outer-limits is working with special police and military units all over the world. Safety in the field is just as important to us as it is to you. Equipment that gives the best solution for customer’s needs to survive every day.





outer - limits GMBH was founded at the suggestion of special units and manufactures who had been supported by Thomas Oswald as consultant. Our home- base is in Austria/Europe but we are seen in all oceans of the world.

All our technical and tactical experiences from earlier activities in a diving unit are the basics of our company conceptions.


  • Name: outer-limits GmbH
  • Established: 2007
  • Location: Oberwart/Austria
  • CEO: Lukas Oswald
  • Market areas: Europe, America, Asia, Middle and Far East
  • Products groups: Amphibian and Boarding special operation equipment / Distribution / Consulting and training

Solutions for special forces and amphibian special operations